Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Tony Gorschek

Tony Gorschek is a Professor of Software Engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology – where he works as a research leader and scientist in close collaboration with industrial partners. Dr. Gorschek has over fifteen years industrial experience as a CTO, senior executive consultant and engineer. In addition he is a serial entrepreneur – with five startups in fields ranging from logistics to internet based services and database register optimisation.  At present he works as a research leader and in several research projects developing scalable, efficient and effective solutions in the areas of Requirements Engineering, Product Management, Value based product development, and Real Agile™ and Lean product development and evolution. Dr. Gorschek leads the SERT profile (Software Engineering ReThought) – Swedens largest software engineering research initiative, developing the next generation of applied empirical research movements to meet the challenges of the next generation of  software intensiveproducts and services.​

Marcelo Jose Ruv Lemes

Dr. Marcelo Jose Ruv Lemes

Marcelo Jose Ruv Lemes is graduated in Data Processing (1984) and Degree in Mathematics from the University of Taubaté (1988). He holds a Master of Science degree from Aeronautics Institute of Technology (ITA/1997) in Software Engineering. He holds a PhD in Sciences from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (POLI USP/2011) in the area of ​​concentration of Digital Systems. He worked for 12 years at the Aeronautics and Space Institute (IAE) of the Aeronautics Technology Center (CTA), with most of the time involved in the development of the onboard software of the Brazilian Satellite Launch Vehicle (VLS). Since 1997 he works at EMBRAER. Initially in the definition of embedded application development processes for the defense area. In 2001, he started working on civil aviation projects in monitoring software processes with suppliers and, later, in coordinating certification activities with aeronautical authorities for software (DO-178B/C), programmable hardware (DO- 254) and systems development processes (ARP4754A). He has been a Designated Representative Engineer (DER) by ANAC since 2001. He currently works with Embraer’s Chief Engineer coordinating embedded software activities.

Invited Speaker

Gustavo Candido

Gustavo Candido

Enterprise Agile Coach at Itaú Unibanco, Speaker and Researcher in Agile methods. Experience in Agile Transformation in large companies. Today supporting Itaú Unibanco Bank in Digital Transformation (Lean Agile), through practices like Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Lean, Continuous Improvement (PDCA, Kaizen). 10 years experience in IT, Project Management, PMO, Software Engineering practices and Agile Product Management (Business/Product Discovery, Design Sprint and others). Post Graduated in Project Management – PMI by Senac São Paulo and in IT for Project Management by FATEC (UNESP SP).

Diego Pivoto Palma

Diego Pivoto Palma

Diego Palma is a Civil Aviation Regulation Specialist at ANAC, the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency, where he has been working for the past twelve years. He received a master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering, a specialization in Airborne Systems Engineering and is a graduate in Electrical Engineering. He is a former DCTA employee where he worked in the Aerospace Product Certification Division (CPA), with electronic systems. At ANAC, he has been working within the Aeronautical Product Certification branch (GGCP) at the Electrical-Electronic Systems and Software Engineering Group, being involved in activities related to avionics platform systems, and development assurance applicable to airborne electronic hardware and software. Diego is a member of the Technical-Scientific Committee for R&D initiatives at ANAC/GGCP, and he is also the coordinator of the Aeronautical Product Certification Engineering Seminar, that occurs annually at ANAC-SJC facilities.


Everton Lucas

Everton Lucas​

Developer since 1999, I’ve worked on products that used Delphi, PHP, C #, Java, PL/SQL, Ruby on Rails and Python. Bachelor in Information Systems. I’m always looking for learning between developing software and agile methods for one reason: the themes and knowledge complement each other, and can not be treated separately! I believe that technological and human factors must go together in order to succeed in building a product. I’m doing my masters at Program in Technological Innovation of UNIFESP, and I want to help development teams to detect and remove impediments in software projects using Lean Software Development and Mining Software Repositories, through the research I will develop. I’ve been working at the Aeronautics Computing Center of Brazilian Air Force (CCA-SJ) in São José dos Campos. It is a FAB unit that builds flight systems and simulators. I have supported a development team to build the Center’s first flight simulator, as the Scrum Master, during the year of 2018.

Johnny Cardoso Marques

Johnny Marques

Johnny Marques is a professor in the Software Engineering Department of Aeronautics Institute of Technology, researching in the areas of Software Quality, Critical Systems, Information Systems, and Requirements Engineering. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ), a master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering, and a doctorate in Computer Engineering, these two lasts from the Aeronautics Institute of Technology. He has over 20 years of experience in the aviation sector, working at EMBRAER (2003-2018), VARIG (2000-2003), and Transbrasil (1999-2000). He has been participating in the working group that defines standards for aviation software and databases. Currently, he also contributes as an author of several IEEE Standards for Software Engineering, acting as part of Working Group C/S2ESC and is part of the Commission for Quality Management and General Aspects of Medical Devices of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT).

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